The http://www.artisanshoponline.com is group of diverse artisans from many refugees and hosting communities particularly the marginalized females who intend to pursue their traditional handicrafts with the transformation to the current designs. At its inception, arstisansshoponline.com began by brining micro-enterprise opportunities to refugees and hosting communities situated in Balochistan, The artisans from different areas producing their traditional embroidery crafts, which they work out of their homes in their spare time. They produce _________________________________ items.

As non-for-profit social enterprise, artisanshopeonline.com is committed to provide sustainable income generation opportunities for women trained under UNHCR supported projects in Chaghi, Pishin, Quetta and Qilla Saifullah districts of Balochistan.

The inclusion of data base in the website will also help the artisans, organizations, craft related business entities and job providers to explore the available skilled artisans with an aim to provide them the designated livelihood opportunities.

The trainee become an artisan under the UNHCR supported interventions namely “Skills Development and livelihood opportunities for Afghan Refugees in Balochistan RVs” and “Safe from the Start Project” which could be considered the platform for marginalized individuals to combat poverty through their acquired skill.

The sale of these products will directly benefit the marginalized female belongs the host and refugee female artisans which will be helpful for their Livelihoods. Artisans are interested in sustaining these artistic traditions, especially if doing so could also provide a source of income, an opportunity for social connection, psychosocial nourishment and a better life as well.

Innovative Development Organization the non-for-profit organization is providing the free or cost technical support to this e-commerce website by bringing all stakeholders on one platform. Shop our beautifully handcrafted products on our site and in shops situated in Quetta. Give your friends and family a gift that has the power to lift women out of poverty and bring lasting positive chance to artisans and their families.

All products in the website are designed by refugees and hosting artisans in collaboration and technical support provided by UNHCR partners Innovative Development Organization and Taraqee Foundation. After creating a prototype, we will together find a way to turn it into a very simple production line keeping in view the current trend of the market.